infant care

6 weeks to 12 months

an intimate setting

Your infant is showered with love and attention in the hands of dedicated, nurturing teachers who practice responsive care in a 1:4 ratio setting.  They attend to all your baby’s needs by closely following your home schedule for eating and sleeping, and offer cuddles, playtime, storytime and more.

clean environment

Strict daily cleaning protocols keep your baby’s classroom and play spaces squeaky clean and germ-free. Every infant has a dedicated crib and cubby for their personal belongings, and our staff sanitizes thoroughly each day with EPA-approved products. Our infant room is “shoe-free”.

we follow your home schedule for eating and sleeping

You’ll provide us with a feeding plan to ensure our staff completely understands your infant’s specific diet and meal times. Bottle-fed babies are held and rocked by our staff, and babies eating cereal or jar foods are buckled securely in high chairs. During rest time, your child sleeps in their own dedicated crib. A staff member is present in the sleeping room at all times, so there are always watchful eyes on your little one. Crib sheets are also laundered fresh daily. 

activities that spark cognitive, physical & social development

Our Infant program is designed to engage infants and provide each one with the stimulation that is so crucial for early brain development. Expanding the imagination and strengthening the muscles is a big part of our program, so our classroom is filled with educational and developmentally-appropriate toys and activities designed to promote learning in a fun and exciting environment. Your baby safely plays and explores colors, textures, sounds, and movements, and tastes and smells appropriate materials and foods for a full sensory experience. 

stay connected with daily reports and the DaycareWebWatch app©

Our staff provides you with daily reports regarding your infants feeding, sleeping, and diaper changing habits, as well necessary care items that need to be replenished, such as diapers and wipes. You never miss a moment with DaycareWebWatch©, the leading and most-secure Family Engagement app, specially designed to update you. You get adorable photos, videos, daily reports and announcements right at your fingertips with a secure, user-friendly application.


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