junior kinder

age 4 to age 5

foundations for success

As children grow into our junior kinder program, they bring with them a strong foundation of learning, social skills, and emotional skills which involve friendships, problem-solving, and independence.  They continue to work on their academics, and also enjoy special subjects like art, music, P.E., technology, and foreign language. 

clean environment

Strict daily cleaning protocols keep your toddler’s classroom and play spaces squeaky clean and germ-free. Every child has a dedicated bed for naptime and cubby for their personal belongings, and our staff sanitizes thoroughly each day with EPA-approved products. 

a blended approach of learning and excitement

Junior Kindergarten students take our academic program to the next level, completing kindergarten level phonics, mathematics, and handwriting books.  By using teacher-directed and self-directed activities, children are encouraged to learn through engaging, hands-on approaches that allow each child to explore their surroundings. We continue to develop emotional, behavioral, and social skills to help your child grow into a healthy, happy, and well-adjusted little human!

global citizenship, STEM & more

We’re making and creating leaders through our Global Citizenship program. Beginning in our infant program and expanding through our junior kindergarten, children are exposed to cultures, countries, and customs from around the world. They also explore and participate in STEAM education by visiting our designated lab and become young engineering adventurers. 

Our program provides children with a strong foundation that not only builds on our preschool program, but also helps prepare your child for a successful Kindergarten experience.

stay connected with daily reports and the DaycareWebWatch app©

Our staff provides you with daily reports regarding your infants feeding, sleeping, and diaper changing habits, as well necessary care items that need to be replenished, such as diapers and wipes. You never miss a moment with DaycareWebWatch©, the leading and most-secure Family Engagement app, specially designed to update you. You get adorable photos, videos, daily reports and announcements right at your fingertips with a secure, user-friendly application.


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